How Documentaries differ from fiction and prime styles of its production- Leonardo Michael

Leonardo Michael is a noted director, who directed a documentary film named “Eternal Youth”. He is popular for making documentaries on subjects that only few can think of. When it comes to direction, Leonardo Michael is a perfectionist. He is one of the dedicated, hardworking and professional film director. He is a diligent in his work and is capable of generating his own ideas for backgrounds, stories and other components involved in a film production.

He never ceases searching for his unique style and expression of thoughts, through his movies. Leonardo Michael believes that the opinions of the experienced subject experts can help in motivating large number of people to apply all or part of their views in their practice. His documentary is mainly focused on the key components used to achieve longevity. Leonardo Michael received immense critical appreciation for conveying a strong message to today’s youth with such compassion and delicacy. He has done full justice with the movie and his commendable direction has made it simple for him.

According to Leonardo Michael, most of the time documentary movies are influenced from the life of people and the story line of most of the movies are inspired from reality. Many documentary producers keep reality in mind and show the condition of life, people and situations through these movies. In this article Leonardo Michael is sharing how documentary movies are different from other fiction movies and how it influences the life of  the people.

Reality versus Fiction

The very first thing that differentiate the documentary movies from fiction is the base of the movie. Documentary movies are based on reality whereas other movies are based on fiction. It is fair to say that documentary movies serve the truth and reality to the audience. Documentaries are the best way to show people about the happenings and mishappenings around the world. Very often documentaries are helpful to highlight the social issues of any nation. While fiction is not based on reality or truth, it is all related to the stories created by the writer. Documentary movies have the subject but they will not have the story always. By story what we mean is a set of characters that move through a story.

Main reason behind creating any feature film is to entertain the audience and to provide them an escape whereas documentaries provides information and confront the audience with the reality. Nowadays, most of the feature films are based on reality but still it uses the fiction to make it interesting. It still shows the world of fantasy. Storyline can be real but the director will add some drama and creative impact to make it more entertaining. Fiction includes drama, music, action and romance and these elements are used to make the movie more interesting. Sometimes story is not that impressive and strong so director modifies it by adding these elements.

Documentaries are non- fiction films and major part of the story. More importance is given to the facts on which the movie is being made. It can be on social, political, economic or any other issues related to the nation.

Format of film

We have seen so many fiction movies, be it romantic, horror or comedy. Format of all movies are almost same. Most of the time you will find the audience guessing that what will happen next. Whereas in documentary movies often action leads the way. Audience cannot judge what will be the next as there is always suspense at every step. In documentaries people don’t have scripted words to say. Discovery and surprise makes the best part of the documentaries.

Cost of production

Here we are talking about the cost included in the formation of these types of movies. According to Leonardo Michael, documentary movies are less expensive than the other films. Cost of production of these movies are comparatively very less. To make a documentary movie, a small crew, less camera set-ups and a few paid talent are required. Cost of all these requirements is only a few thousand dollars which is very less in the comparison of feature films. Result given by making documentaries are raw and unpolished but they are effective and capable enough to make their place in audience’s heart.

Other than documentaries, feature films costs up to millions of dollars. From top rated stars, to directors, scriptwriters, musicians, exotic locations and many other things costs a lot. A top feature film invests a huge sum of money on it. Besides production, it spends a big amount on promotion too. Nowadays, promotion of feature films costs almost half of its production. Unlike documentaries the star cast of feature films involves big name actors and actresses for which they have to pay high amount to them.

Prime styles of production of documentary movies

According to Leonardo Michael, there are some main styles of the production of documentary movies. It shows the style in which the movie have been formed.

Expository mode

Expository mode is the most familiar style of documentary movie. This style is also well known as essay style. These documentaries are heavily researched and the main aim of the movie is to educate people and explain things to them in detail. It involves typical production elements like interviews, some graphics, photos and illustrative visuals.

Observational Mode

Observational mode is one of the most analyzed mode of all. This form is also referred as cinema verite.

Participatory Mode

Participatory mode is that style of documentary movies where there is an encounter between filmmaker and the subject is recorded. In this style the filmmaker engages with the situation that is being documented.

According to Leonardo Michael documentaries are the best way to show the current situations of any nation. Being based on reality, these movies always talk about the truth and conditions of the society. It can be documented in different styles that differentiates it from other feature films and make it unique.