A well-known and top notch film director, Leonardo Michael is best known for his documentaries. He is a renowned documentary filmmaker and author. He is a perfectionist, who is not only dedicated towards his work but also towards the society. His objective is to highlight the issues of society and communities. Leonardo Michael says. “A documentary filmmaker is not the one who is making the films for entertainment purpose, they are the one who research and analyze the issues and problems faced by people and try to resolve the issues by putting them in front of public in form of documentaries.” He adds, it is a way to take a step towards the revolution.
One of the best work of Leonardo Michael is ‘Eternal Youth’. This documentary is focused on the key components used to achieve longevity. He received immense critical appreciation for conveying a strong message to today’s youth with such compassion and delicacy. He has done full justice with the movie and his commendable direction made it simple for him.
A diligent and professional film director Leonardo Michael never ceases searching for his unique style and expression of thoughts, through his movies. Leonardo Michael believes that the opinions of the experienced subject experts can help in motivating large number of people to apply all or part of their views in their practice.

Eternal Youth” this documentary film has been crafted through a compelling cinematic portrait of the real lives of people that inspires the common people to see the world with greater clarity and compassion. The movie has collected many applauds and appreciation for conveying such a strong message in the short and precise manner. He has chosen the very latest and prevailing subject of the society, to educate the people in the synergistic manner.
With his brilliant and artful idea of depicting youth into a more subjective manner, Leonardo Michael also invited highly experienced motivational speakers to find out their ideas and views on topics such as- health, nutrition, spirituality, technology, environment, and relationships. The main aim of inviting these experts is to motivate the larger audience on how to lead a healthier, balanced and long life. He is a keen observer who pays attention to every fact related to his documentary film. Through this movie “Eternal Youth”, he wants to develop a vision for today’s youth.

Special features of a documentary:

Provides Information

Documentaries are the best way to provide information. There was a time when audience wanted to watch films to get entertained, but now they are also getting information through the films. Some documentaries can be very informative and the key objective of the filmmaker is to motivate the audience.

Fact based story

Unlike feature films, documentary films are completely based on facts. These movies are nonfiction and take on social, political and economic issues.

Some documentaries are raising very serious topics of today like war and terrorism, social issues, tribes and beliefs of people. Leonardo Michael is known for his unique idea and style. He tries to work on the issues of people’s day to day life. Through Eternal Youth, he wants to highlight that how an individual can stay young and healthy by just following a healthy routine life.

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