About Leonardo Michael

documentary filmmaker

Leonardo Michael is renowned for his on screen antics and the subject matters he explores. He has addressed a range of social problems through his documentaries. He has created several masterpieces, among which “Eternal Youth” is his recent creation showing key components used to achieve longevity. His films have covered almost every field and subject of the community. Eternal Youth is a very meaningful movie for the youth as it depicts how to achieve longevity using various significant elements, says ‘Leonardo Michael.’ He adds, documentaries play a major role to highlight the social issues of any nation. Though documentary movies do not earn as much as any fiction film does, but the passion of a documentary filmmaker to work on the reality and social issues makes them forget about the profit. Main objective of Leonardo Michael is to highlight the natural life as it exist in the complex world. Leonardo Michael is responsible for overseeing every creative aspect of a film. He observes every detail very minutely. He has a unique style and expression of thoughts which can be seen in his movies.
In an interview Leonardo Michael said, sometimes sitting for 94 minutes in a hall and watching a movie without songs and colors could be boring, but once we get the objective of the movie, we have achieved it. He adds, we are successful when we deliver the objective of the movie to the audience and they understand it.


Leonardo Michael is a film director who is primarily known for documentaries. Through his movie “Eternal youth”, he wants to develop a vision for today’s youth.